My team at Noon-o-Kabob has come up with its Food Truck catering service now. We have been serving from this truck for quite a lot of time now. After receiving so many reviews and calls from my customers that they want my Kabob to be served at their events, they want their guests also to taste my Kabob and impress them with the local delicacy that is available in the area of SF Bay near them.

I had to come up with the all-new Food Truck catering, serving the authentic Middle East and Persian Kabobs at your social gatherings.

Now may that be a private event, social gathering, reunions party, family gathering or any other events, just give me 25 feet of open area to park my truck. My team will make the best tasting Kabobs for your event and serve your guests.

Note, please do not forget that we also need a clear passage to drive the food truck and reach that truck parking space.

Offering nice tasting food is a very crucial gesture to extend a hand towards harmony, so our primary focus is to make food that is tender, juicy, and tasty, not forgetting it to be a feast for the eyes. After satisfying the taste buds of many existing customers from our outlet in SF Bay Area near you, I have completely created my mobile catering service truck now which is absolutely operational.

My team will not only give you good food to eat, but we also provide you with a memorial experience of live Kabob making that will include grilling, cooking to serving. My truck is always a center of attraction of the event and we make sure that the delivery of our food is always tasting and looking identical always keeping my customer’s craving satisfied.

With the difference in need depending on the requirement of the customer, type of guests and the size of the function, I have initially created three basic plans which include the live making of Kabob made from beef, chicken, falafel, mignon, salmon directly from the food truck to the guest. Names of these plans are Standard, Premium and High End.

Addition of desserts that can be a Baghlava the traditional Middle Eastern pastry or Shirini an assortment of Persian pastry or both will be charged extra and will only be available on pre-order.