Some of the delicacies that I have been serving from Noon-o-Kabob outlet are our Kabob Koobideh which is the ground beef kabob and the Joojeh, the boneless chicken kabob. Today I will be talking about only these two as they are the most favorite amongst the other items that I have been serving.

I have many kabobs and desserts that I have been serving for a long time but the Kabob Koobideh is simply a unique and fast selling one. It is made from ground beef or lamb meat with is nicely marinate and slowly cooked in kabob shapes. They are smooth and tender with all juices retained in them. Being cooked on skewers on a coal fire, they are garnished beautifully and served with condiments that we offer along with them that makes them a delicacy and a star seller for us.

The use of authentic Persian spices has been making my food more appealing and the techniques that are being used for cooking kabob have made them unique. We are using many native Persian spices to enhance the flavour from our kabobs.

Especially with the boneless chicken kabobs Joojeh, when they are made, they are marinated and cooked till it achieves its tender state. It is purely a Persian delicacy, successfully fantasized by my clients and makes them want more of Joojeh. These coal fire cooked chicken fillets kabob are garnished with saffron and are the most demanded product of our menu.

These two are some of the fastest-selling items that I have. Making them for many years now I am taking it to the next level. With the help of the food truck, I have been making my famous kabobs and serving across the vicinity area.

I have started taking catering orders and also doing corporate catering for these two and more items.

All meat and other food items that I am preparing and serving are purely Halal and all the techniques being followed are within the Halal guidelines only.